Course Curriculum

Birth Trauma Resolution, certified practitioner training programme.


Accredited by the Royal College of Midwives and Human Givens Institute – ( PSA) registered.


This course has been recognised as a brand new qualification in its own right entitling students to professional indemnity insurance.


This is a fully comprehensive, twelve week training programme, offering birth professionals the opportunity to treat birth trauma/PTSD.

Students will learn tools and techniques that have a long history of proven success in bringing  an end to the horrendous suffering of birth trauma and PTSD. Your training will be in solution focussed therapy giving you the opportunity to dissolve single traumas in as little as 1-2 sessions.

This course ensures that birth professionals are safe to practice within the N.H.S and privately.


Week 1  –

3 Live teaching days.


*What is trauma?

*Factors that influence the development of trauma.

*Why women and men are at risk of being traumatised during birth.

*Why do some people suffer and others do not?

*Recognising and identifying the symptoms of trauma.

*Use two methods of assessment to help diagnose trauma and formulate a treatment plan.

*Introduction to fast and effective, tools and techniques to treat single and multiple trauma – including the Human Givens ‘REWIND’ technique

*A five minute, first aid trauma technique.

*The secret to recognising when a client is presenting with multiple trauma, even if they haven’t disclosed it.

*Teach patients how to shut down a panic attack.

*Teach diaphragmatic breathing to patients

* Introduce students to what is necessary to plan an effective course of treatment.

*Live demonstration for the treatment of birth trauma


Follow up home/online study and supervised case studies.


Week 6

2 Live Teaching Days

*Effective therapeutic language patterns – supporting patients back to emotional health and well being.

*Putting it all together – supervised practical (Peer treatment)


Follow up home/online study and supervised case studies


Week 12

Assessment Day

*Supervised practical – live treatment of trauma patients


Home/online Study

Study a DVD of two treatment sessions and identify the key elements that make up an effective treatment against the given criteria and standards for good practice.

Practise birth trauma resolution techniques on friend/ family member – do at least one practise session a week and assess your own performance against the given criteria and standards for good practice.

Case studies